DOGTV, a channel just for dogs soon on our small screens!

It's been a while already that American dogs have their TV channel to them and nothing to them. This is DOGTV, launched in 2012 in the United States then in Japan, South Korea and Israel.

And now this chain developed by scientists, approved by the doggies! "is about to land in our country

Relax and stimulate the dogs

It is first in Germany that DOGTV is expected. Then it should be launched everywhere in Europe, and so in France in a few months.

"But a TV channel for dogs, what is it for? " Do you ask yourself!

Developed with animal experts, DOGTV's mission is to relax our dogs, stimulate them, but also contribute to their socialization. Three types of programs are indeed offered: relaxing videos, images of dogs happily frolicking, and scenes of everyday life.

"Thanks to years of research with some of the world's leading experts in the field of pets, special content was created to meet the specific attributes of dogs in terms of vision and hearing and supports their natural behavior "reads on the website of the chain.

And it works ! At least that's what we say on the side of DOGTV. "We get constant feedback from people about what dogs watch, when they look at it and for how long," says Hollywood Reporter Yoav Ze'evi, the channel development manager internationally. And to emphasize: "Europe is a natural place for expansion, in most countries between 30% and 50% of households have a dog.This is a niche channel, but it is a big niche"

You're not convinced? These excerpts of programs broadcast on DOGTV you may change your mind!

If DOGTV is a channel dedicated to dogs and not humans, a new program more focused on teachers should soon be launched: it will be realized with the many doggie videos that the channel receives every day. A program on nutrition is also in the pipes.