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Luke and Body, the star dogs of the Cannes Film Festival 2014

As every year, dogs actors were also entitled to their ceremony in Cannes. And it's a duet that has this time won the

Luke and Body, the stars of the Hungarian film White God directed by Kornél Mundruczó, were indeed three years after the famous Jack Russell Uggy stole the show from Jean Dujardin. Succeeding Baby Boy, awarded last year for his role in the film Liberace , the two dogs received the prestigious dog award from

Colonel Meow, Sausage, Loukanikos: they passed away in 2014

If the year 2014 was marked by beautiful and cheerful stories, it was unfortunately also the disappearance of dogs and cats become real stars in the 4 corners of the world

Colonel Meow, the cat with the longest coat of the world, Frank and Louie, the cat has two heads, Sausage, a dog that became famous in the municipal elections of Marseille, or Zeus, the largest dog in the world: pay tribute in pictures to these animals that have passed away in 2014.

RIP les

This is Lucey, the most beautiful Bulldog of the year 2014!

Her name is Lucey, only 18 months old, and has just put on the pole 49 competing by winning the title of the most beautiful Bulldog of 2014 !
The young dog is indeed the new star of the American University Drake , which organizes every year a large contest to elect his new mascot. Lucey thus takes the place of Huckleberry, sacred in 2013.

A future therapy dog ​​

His mistress, Tiffany Torstenson, surgeon in a center specialized in the fi

Tortured and abandoned, the dog Caitlyn is elected "survivor of the year 2015"

Last June, the fate of the dog Caitlyn upset the lovers animals around the world. The poor animal suffered terrible acts of cruelty and torture from a man who bought it for the modest sum of $ 20 from a woman forced to part with it. When the dog, a Pitbull, rescued and rescued, had her face snuggled with tape and wandered alone through the streets of North Charleston, South Carolina, her tongue hanging between her teeth. The 41-year-old man explained that he could not sta

Lucky, the best dog actor of the Cannes Film Festival 2015

Lucky, this is the name of the dog who won this year Palm Dog . This distinction has been devised by a British journalist and is presented every year on the sidelines of the Cannes Film Festival for 15 years reward the best canine interpreters of films in competition.

Little dog, winner

Succeeding Luke and Body, the heroes of White God by Kornél Mundruczó, Lucky owes his prize to his role in The Thousand and One Nights

Win your entry for DogEvent 2015

From May 14 to 17, for the first time in France, an event will bring together experts in international dog behavior and education: the DogEvent 2015 .

Among them, the world-renowned specialists Susan G. Friedman , Ken Ramirez and Kathy Sdao, will talk about the scientific underpinnings behind the behavior of our best 4-legged friend, but also about education methods based on p

Maverick, the dog that predicts the results of the Rugby World Cup 2015!

Want to make bets on the Rugby World Cup? Consult your dog! Or in any case Maverick...

This adorable ball of hair is indeed able to predict in advance which team will win the match . Taking the place of Paul the Octopus, who had managed, in matches of the Euro 2008 and the World Cup of 2010, to predict the results of twelve games out of fourteen, Maverick is the new sighted animal

The principle is simple, the four-legged animal is placed on a

The most beautiful Bulldog of 2015? It's him!

At the height of his two years, Tank can smile proudly and with all his fangs! This Bulldog has just won the title of the most beautiful Bulldog of the Year , at a ceremony held annually since 1979, by Drake University in Iowa, USA.

The young dog from Des Moines, the city where the university is located, succeeds Lucey, who won the competition last year, and will occupy the mascot's seat for a full year.

His victory was no surprise to Duane Smith, his human. He

Cannes 2016: the Croisette claims the Palme Dog for the bulldog of "Paterson"

The film Paterson directed by Jim Jarmusch and presented in Cannes on May 16th was a big hit for the beauty of the film but also for especially for one of its main actors: "Marvin", a magnificent English bulldog sadly deceased since the end of the shooting...

While the film tells the story that binds the actors Adam Driver and Golshifteh Farahani, we discover Marvin, the English bulldog who shares their life. And we can say that this dog has dog! The proof, he did not hesita

Diesel, Philae, Athena... these dogs who scored 2015

Like the heroic Diesel or Athena the survivor, many were the balls of hair that left their leg on 2015. And in order to close the page of last year, let's pay a last time tribute to these beings, so dear to everyone from us...

And whether they are rather clumsy, dead as heroes, happy survivors of human stupidity or, accompanied by master magnets, we can not deny the obvious: their fate - more or less happy - has made of these hairy scoundrels real "celebrities."


Euro 2016: the gendarmerie dogs are on the alert

from here two months will start the European football competition. On this occasion, the dogs of the gendarmerie sharpen their flair to be able to detect potential explosives...

Everyone still has in mind the sad terrorist attacks that occurred on November 13th. From Bataclan to the Stade de France, no fewer than six attacks took place simultaneously. Also, in order to prevent such events from happening again, the Gendarmerie des Transports aérien (GTA) - on the sidelines

Presidential 2017: what are the priorities of pet owners and how will they vote?

While the question Animal has never been so present in the public debate, AllCreatureAnimalClinic has interviewed more than 3,000 French, owners of at least one pet and registered on the electoral lists. The purpose of this survey: to understand their expectations of politics two months before the first round of the election

Still very undecided, 93% of pet owners want to vote for a candidate sensitive to the cause animal.

By dint of shocking videos and news abou

DogEvent 2017 Contest: Have you won your place to attend the event?

Many of you have entered our contest to win one of the two places put on the line. AllCreatureAnimalClinic to attend DogEvent 2017. It's time to tell you who are the lucky winners!

But before giving you the names of the winners who will have the chance to attend DogEvent, here are the 3 good ones quiz answers:

1. Where will DogEvent 2017 take place? At the National Bergerie Rambouillet

2. Which of these themes will not be addressed i

Pet Market in France in 2017 (Infographic)

France has no less than 63 million pets. Every second household has at least one animal. Impressive figures that show the importance of animals in the heart of the French

Pets have a place of choice in French homes . It's not for nothing that France is the country with the largest population of pets in Europe. And which says place of choice, also says flourishing market since the French spend more than 4.6 billion euros per year (excluding

And the 2017 Dog's Best Dog is awarded to...

As every year, on the sidelines of the Cannes Film Festival, a ceremony rewards a doggie appearing in one of the films of the selection

We often see them appear on the big screen where they sometimes embody much more than mere hairy extras, and yet, before 2001, no particular prize was awarded to them for their roles. To remedy this oversight in the 7th art, the British journalist Toby Rose has created the Palm Dog which rewards the best dog performances among the feature films o