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Ukraine accused of burning stray dogs in view of Euro 2012

It was an honor for Ukraine to learn in 2007 that it would organize, together with Poland, the European Football Championship 2012

Indeed, this international event is an opportunity for this country suffering from a heavy past to open up to the world.

But to prepare a championship of such a large scale requires considerable resources to be put in place: new infrastructures, improved means of transport... And host cities of <

Ukraine will no longer kill stray dogs for the Euro 2012

The Ukrainian government called for stopping the slaughter of stray dogs set up for " clean up the big cities for Euro 2012 , the football championship

Under pressure from the international community and multiple petitions launched by several animal welfare associations of which

Miss France 2012, passionate about the animal cause

Delphine Wespiser , Miss Alsace, has just been crowned Miss France 2012 . She was not the favorite of the jury but the heart of the public, and it is she who will represent France for the coming year.

Good news for all enthusiasts 'pets ', Delphine Wespiser has a penchant for the animal cause .

Miss France 2012 is only 19 years old, yet she already has her feet on the ground. Originally from Magstatt in th

World Dog Show 2011: The Breed Dog Showcased

This week, from 7 to 10 July , dogs of the world will be honored on the occasion of the centenary of the World Dog Show .

For 4 days, no less than 35,000 dogs representing more than 300 different breeds that will proudly represent their species under the admiring eyes of thousands of visitors .

Organized by the very serious SCC (Central Canine Society), this

Exclusive interview with Miss France 2012: Delphine Wespiser tells us about her animal cause

Delphine Wespiser , freshly crowned Miss France 2012 recently granted us a exclusive interview

Passionate about the animal cause and admirer of the Brigitte Bardot , she agreed to answer our questions and gives us her vision of the protection of animals

Miss France: her pets

« I have a dog, a golden retriever named Paypper , and exotic birds that I br

Her dog eats her plane ticket, the competitor misses the 2012 Olympics!

The American Kim Rhode , Olympic champion in 1996 and 2004, is preparing as number of competitors for 2012 Olympic Games !

Reserved ticket, updated passport Kim Rhode was ready to join London when she discovered her plane ticket eaten by her 4-month-old puppy !

Her puppy eats her plane ticket

Today the Olympics begin and Kim Rhode

Presidential elections 2012: 1/3 of voters could vote for a candidate in favor of the animal cause

A few weeks before the first round of the presidential election 2012 , the Foundation 30 Millions of Friends publishes an exclusive survey * (ifop) reporting that one in three voters could vote based on applicants' proposals for animal welfare.

This survey also reveals that 81% of registered voters The animal cause is an important issue. And 9 out of 10 respondents consider that the declared or potential pre

Dog ready for the 2012 London Olympics (Video of the day)

From July 27 to August 12, 2012, the most top athletes will compete at London for the Summer Olympics

If it were decided to open the competition to pets, it would not no doubt that this dog would be there.

This dog, who seems to be a Staffordshire Bull terrier, is a real pro rings, even if he practices the discipline a little in his sauce.

And he holds several tens of seconds without flickering the guy!

And you, you have a

Miss France 2012: Delphine Wespiser commits to IFAW for the protection of animals

We knew it from his coronation, Delphine Wespiser , the very young Miss France 2012 , is passionate about the animal cause .

She did not hide her admiration for Brigitte Bardot and her fight for animal protection for many years.

In this logic, she wishes today to take advantage of her new notoriety. to raise above this cause which stands to him at heart

To denounce the animal

Stray Dog Massacre for Euro 2012: Has Ukraine Lied

A rabies outbreak in Kiev , the capital of Ukraine. Is this the new parade that the Ukrainian government found to justify the slaughter of stray dogs that began several years ago for the Euro 2012

A few months ago, animal protection movements denounced the barbaric practices used by the Ukrainian authorities to "clean the cities" of stray dogs before the big competition of football takin

Great Odyssey 2013: 300 dogs sled into the race!

300 dogs, 17 mushers among the best in the world, 11 days of races, 30,000 meters of altitude and 750 kilometers to go: this is how to sum up in a few numbers the Great Odyssey Savoie Mont Blanc 2013 , which started on Sunday, January 13 in the Northern Alps.

This is the 9th edition of this international milestone dog race, the most difficult in the world , which this year sees 2 women and 15 men representing 10 nations


Elect the hero dog of the year 2013

This year again, AllCreatureAnimalClinic told you the stories of many dogs hero saving lives and animals. It's time for us to take stock, and for you to award the title of the Hero Dog of the Year 2013 !

It's also an opportunity to remember all these beautiful stories that, despite their tragic beginnings, all ended well . Back to a year of heroic canine actuality To your votes!

The nominees are:

29 000 Animals adopted in 2013 thanks to the SPA

This is good news for the SPA, but especially for all abandoned animals that she receives in her shelters in the four corners of France: in 2013, the number of adoptions increased by 8%,

16,000 dogs and 13,000 adopted cats

Thus, some 29,000 animals, 16,000 dogs and 13,000 cats, who left their boxes to join a new family, against 27,000 in 2012, announces the association in a statement.

> Why adopt her animal in a shelter?

Thanking all those who saved these lives by

Elect the hero dog of the year 2014

The year 2014 was, like the previous ones, marked by beautiful stories of dedication and couch canine. Dogs are much more than pets, much more than even best friends, they are rescuers, ready to risk and give their lives to save the lives of their humans.

They are call Daisy, Corbin, Sox or Ruby Mae, and all are in their own way true heroes ! Rediscover their stories, and elect your hero dog of the year, t

Great Odyssey 2014: 400 dogs race in the toughest race in the world

Yesterday, Sunday 12 January, 25 mushers and 400 sled dogs from all over the world set off at the start of the most difficult race in the world: the Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year

800 km, 2 weeks of racing

It was in the Carroz resort in Haute-Savoie that the kick-off of the race was given, each team consisting of 14 dogs (12 harnessed at the same time), Malamutes and Huskies. for the most part
The a