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Dogs and cats killed for Euro 2012!

In Ukraine, Kiev where will be held football matches the Euro 2012 , takes place a real massacre of dogs and cats . A few tens of thousands of stray dogs and cats are killed in abominable conditions in order to "clean" the city before this sporting event. Associations fight against this genocide, but the battle is still far from won.

Tomi Tomek, director of the SOS Chats association in Switzerland, made it his daily struggle. Sh

The 2009 Hero Dog is...

A few days ago, Miley, a one-year-old crossbred terrier was declared Dog Hero of the Year 2009 Leaves the Los Angeles Animal Cruelty Prevention Organization.

Miley, from Arkansas, saved her entire family last night from a probable death.

While the whole household was sleeping peacefully, the dog stood in front of her sleepy mistress, Stacy, and barked until she woke her up. Not understanding the reason for the barking, she went back to bed.

But Miley persists and wakes Stace

Yoga Dogs: The Animal Calendar 2010

Last year, the Yoga Dogs calendar surprised many. Original, the latter proposed different pictures of dogs adopting yoga positions. The idea seems to have rained because the 2010 edition is now on sale.

At the origin of this project, Dan and Alejandra Borris, respectively photographer and yoga teacher, who do not miss 'imagination. Dogs of different races were placed in


Calendar animals 2010: the top 5

Still looking for tips , we have selected for you a top 5 « animal calendar "for your key dates in 2010. And with the code" AllCreatureAnimalClinic "you get 5% discount at the time of the purchase of your animal calendar 2010.

The Jack Russell Calendar

The Jack Russell is the little darling of dog breeds lately. Cute, smart, and energetic, this calendar is just like the

10 News "animals" that marked 2010

This year 2010 was rich in emotions for our pets . From the tragic news item, to the unusual record, to the act of heroism, here are 10 animal news that particularly caught your eye in 2010.

1. Dogs thrown into the river
A terrible story that kept you in suspense for several weeks. Overnight, a video goes around the world on the Internet: we see a hooded girl throw without hesitation newborn dogs born in the river.


122 Dogs have died on planes since 2005

Want to go holidays with your dog? Owners of short-nosed or brachycephalic dogs : attention to

trips. Indeed, Bulldog and other Pugs are more likely than others to have respiratory problems when in the hold of the aircraft

122 dogs have died in aircraft holds since 2005. The majority of them were short-snouted. These dog breeds have breathing problems due to the shape of their sku

Telethon 2010: the dogs will be part of

The telethon , c is the 3rd and 4th of December 2010 (this weekend)! As every year, thousands of people, organizers and volunteers, will be on hand to collect as much donations as possible to support research to help cerebral palsy patients . There are also volunteers that we did not expect: our dog friends!

Individual and collective initiatives are multiplying everywhere in France, and as usual dogs do not hesitate to answer On c

2011 Calendars of animals

New Year, New Calendar ! 2011 will be the year of the cat (or rabbit) according to the Chinese calendar, it may be the opportunity to fall for one of these calendars that puts them in the spotlight. And if you're not a fan of La Poste calendars and firefighters, rest assured, there are some original alternatives

The original calendars

Calendar Yoga Kittens - Yoga puppies
Put the cats and dogs in staggering positions, it is the vocation

Good Dog Resolutions for 2010

It is customary to take good resolutions with each new year. Some take them and stick to them, others take the same resolutions each year then forget them immediately... and others simply do not reach the good resolutions of the new year!

And your dog, in did he take? Or rather, did you take it for himself? Here is a fun list but no less useful than what they might look like:

1 - I'll eat less and exercise more

No more days going

Top 8 dogs videos 2009

The year 2009 has had its share of significant moments, even for dogs . We invite you to discover or rediscover the dog videos that marked the past year.

Sometimes funny, sometimes cute, sometimes heroic, or fantastic, we can say that the dogs have not been idle this year. And we hope they will impress us as much in 2010 . Best of dog videos 2009 :

The Chihua

Who is the most beautiful dog of France 2010?

As every year at the International Dog Show held last weekend in Paris , the title of the most beautiful dog of France "Best in show" was put back into play. Spaniel Papillon

elected in 2009 was to make way for a new champion. And this year, the big winner is... a Basset Hound with the sweet name of Original Big Bone Coolpepper . Desi

Animal Expo 2010 is

The salon Animal Expo is the largest pet show in France. It opens its doors this weekend, 16 and 17 October , in the Parc Floral de Paris.

Are you an animal lover? You will meet at Animal Expo all the professionals of the animal world to answer your questions. Are you already a professional? This is an opportunity or never to make contact with colleagues.

Better understand your pet

More than 10,000 pets

Great Odyssey 2010: THE

dogs, Great Odyssey, musher, dog sled A heavy snow and a biting cold favored last Sunday the departure of Great Odyssey

, one of the biggest dog sled races. The various crews started from Avoriaz on Sunday morning to arrive in Val Cenis after 10 stages in The program of the 6th edition of this spectacular Savoie Mont Blanc race, launched 7 years ago by the adventurer Nicolas Varnier, a course of 1000 km through the Alps

that will have to pe

Great Odyssey 2011: dog sled dogs in the spotlight

If you are told 300 dogs snow marathoners, 22 of the world's best mushers and 1000 km of spectacular course in the Alps, what do you think? Yes, the Great Odyssey Savoie Mont Blanc

Since 2005, this dog sled race has been held in the Savoie and Haute-Savoie mountains, between Switzerland and France, for an adventure exceptional. The January 8 will mark the launch of this international race, for 2 weeks pun

The video that marks 2011 is that of a talking dog (Video of the day)

The most viewed video about the year 2011 in Great Britain is that of a dog that speaks !

Finally, not a dog that speaks like Mishka the Siberian Husky who knows how to say "I love you" but a dog that his master makes speak.

Indeed, he filmed his animal while he made movements with his mouth and added his own voice on the movements of the mouth of the dog.

The man therefore imagined a conversation about food with