Dogs perform on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival

One time is not custom, this year at the Cannes Film Festival the red carpet has was spanned by a pair of canine actors , Luke and Body. They came to present the film White God , in the company of its director Kornel Mundruczo and the young actress Zsofia Psotta, who plays the main character.

A fable of modern times

Qu ' make no mistake, "White God" is very different from other movies featuring dogs. And the end is far from what the beginning can suggest . Because the film begins as an almost classic fiction, and tells the story of Lili, who will live for a time at his father with his dog Hagen. But the animal is not tolerated in the building, and will eventually be abandoned and separated from his young mistress.

A story as one reads every day, or almost. Because the film's rhythm changes very quickly: on one side the viewer follows Lili's trajectory, and on the other, the misadventures of the Hagen dog. The latter, rejected and hunted by the man , will finally lead with his fellow soldiers a real war in the capital.

The story unfolds indeed in Hungary, where the fate of the dogs is different from what we know in France. Especially since as the film unfolds, it is clear that the dog is used in the film as a symbol, a metaphor of the oppressed populations of Hungary .

250 dogs extras in the film

The choice of actors to play Hagen took several months. "I finally found it online. It was a family that had too many dogs and was looking for a home, "says Ann Miller, a dog trainer for film. The latter then spent five months educating and training the two brothers in the beautiful golden coat, before they were ready for shooting.

In addition to Body and Luke, nearly 250 other dogs were been hired to play the impressive pack taking the streets of Budapest in the film. All these extras were real stray dogs, who greatly benefited from the experience of this film. Because once the filming is over, thanks to their brand new celebrity, all have been able to find a new home where to enjoy life to the full!

> Presented at the Cannes Film Festival, "White God" n At the moment there is no release date in France. Check out the trailer screened at the festival: