Dogs, New Stars of New York Fashion Week!

Must-have event for all fashion enthusiasts, New York Fashion Week is the event that many stars would not miss under any circumstances. And this year, the dogs of the people, too, were of the party.

Finished the first rows with husband and children, today the peoples come with... their dogs ! Become the new stars of Fashion Week, the doggies are needed against the flashes of the photographers. Sitting on the lap of their mistresses, they allow them to get noticed more!

Dogs "at the forefront of fashion"

This is how actress Parker Posey came with her dog Gracie , a pretty little white poodle. We also find in the front row the famous dog star Tinkerbelle, who did not fail to decorate his account Instagram photos of his appearance at Fashion Week! Not to mention Hector, in the arms of Tavi Gevinson, present at the show of Thom Browne

Affublished or not chic clothes like their owners, the dogs did not fail to make the difference this year . Nevertheless, if these star dogs were the most elegant for the occasion, they should not become simple fashion accessories exhibited at each parade ! An outfit for the occasion is good, but in everyday life, much less!

Tavi Gevinson and Hector!

© Instagram @tavitulle

The famous Tinkerbelle!

© Instagram @tinkerbellethedog

Cara Delevingne and Leo

© Instagram @caradelevingne

Parker Posey and Gracie

© Instagram @lifebythegram

Kelly Osbourne and Polly

© Instagram @kellyosbourne

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