Dogs have bigger brains than cats

The dog has a bigger brain than the cat, this is what a recent study has revealed. This effectively means that he is smarter than his feline counterpart. In other words, with this discovery, the duel dog against cat has not finished being mentioned.

After all, we can say that it's normal: cats are on average smaller than dogs, it's normal that their brain is smaller. But that does not explain everything.

A question of sociability

The research, which covered more than 500 animal species, traced the evolution of the brain over a period of 60 million years. She showed that there is a link between the size of the brain and the sociability of the animal.

The research director says: " Dogs have always been perceived as Most sociable animals while cats like to make a living on their side. And it appears that the interactions are good for the brain.

These results are true for all species, including humans. living in communities helps animals to develop their brains faster than other species.

Nevertheless, it will be agreed that it is not the size of the brain that count, but the size of the affection!