Dogs distract their masters by car

The American Automobile Association (AAA) revealed that over 60% of dog owners confessed being distracted by their pets in the car

Having a puppy puppy on his lap while driving may be an adorable gesture, but causes considerable distraction. If this fact seems obvious to everyone, more than 2/3 of those surveyed admit to playing or feeding their animals while driving.

More than half fondle their dogs while 'they drive, one in five allow them to climb on their knees and about 7% admit to give them food, drink, and play with them '. writes the AAA

" Millions of Americans recognize that dogs are wonderful companions and bring their hairy animals on the road with them. However, in a vehicle, these animals are additional distractions , says John Townsend of AAA.

Only 17% of respondents say they have a protection system in their car, such as a harness or a dog seat or cat

" Putting limits on your pet while driving allows you to protect it, but also you and all other passengers. "

Car trips with your pet are delicate and should not be taken lightly . Make sure you have equipment that is right for your doggie, tomcat or rodent (bag and cage), and respect the safety instructions for me, your family and your pet.