Dogs at the bedside of the victims of the Boston bombings

Wednesday, April 17, Therapy dogs arrived in Boston , to bring some comfort to the victims of the attacks that mourned the United States on Monday.

These same dogs had traveled to Newtown last December, after the terrible shooting of the primary school Sandy Hook

A reassuring and comforting presence

Dogs, Golden Retrievers, have come to meet people in the streets of Boston, but also in hospitals in the city where the victims are treated.

Ruthie, Luther, Isaiah, Maggie, and Addie are supposed to stay until Sunday. But if need be, therapy dogs will stay longer alongside those who need their reassuring and comforting presence .

" Dogs do not judge... They are affectionate They are accepted by everyone and create an atmosphere conducive to sharing , said Tim Hetzner, president of the Lutheran Church Charities association, who initiated the canine program, K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs .

Dogs, confidants

" When patients see dogs, their faces are illuminated, and they smile. give them a way to free themselves.In many cases, they talk to dogs as if they were their confidants, furry confidants, "he says.

The program was created in 2008. After a killing that killed 5 people at Northern Illinois University, a group of dog handlers came up with the idea of ​​taking their animals to campus, to bring some comfort to students

A great initiative, which had done so much good to young people, that they had signed a petition to get the dogs back on their campus.

Today, the group has 60 dogs . Distributed in several American states, they are always ready to help people suffering from various traumas.