Dogs are our heroes (Video of the day)

One time is not custom, it's a video clip that we let's discover video of the day. This is the title " Save The World " of the collective Swedish House Mafia .

Beyond music, rhythmic and catchy, these are the images that hold particularly our attention

In this video, our deepest fears are expressed: an assault, a car theft, an armed attack... Situations that we all fear from live one day

Fortunately heroes are there to come to the rescue and get us out of these terrible situations.

Who are they? Superman, Batman, Spiderman?

Not at all, a Corgi, a Dalmatian, an Afghan Hound, a Bulldog... Yes, these are our faithful pets .

So what is what remains to be done? Thank them as they should and give them the respect they deserve .

Those dogs that save lives

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