Dogs and cats killed for Euro 2012!

In Ukraine, Kiev where will be held football matches the Euro 2012 , takes place a real massacre of dogs and cats . A few tens of thousands of stray dogs and cats are killed in abominable conditions in order to "clean" the city before this sporting event. Associations fight against this genocide, but the battle is still far from won.

Tomi Tomek, director of the SOS Chats association in Switzerland, made it his daily struggle. She and her colleague Tamara Tarnawska, living in Kiev, are scandalized by the methods used, which they witnessed: dogs burned alive, crushed, strangled... An inhumanity they decided to reveal to the world.

Tomi She knows that, alone from Switzerland, she can not do much. That is why she decided to rally a large number of personalities to this cause such Brigitte Bardot or Michael Schumacher . And she does not plan to stop there because she even contacted Georges Clooney .

Thanks to his perseverance, more than 3,500 signatures were collected, which Tomi sent Michel Platini , asking the UEFA president not to allow football to endorse such practices.

The latter responded with a letter to the Ukrainian Vice President, asking him to stop this massacre."

Evan Van Vasiunyke, the vice president has decided to leave free quarters to SOS Cats .

Since May, the association has been trying as best it can to get the animals out of this intolerable situation. A sterilization and neuter project has been proposed but without government support, this is almost impossible.

That is why supports this cause and signed the

petition The grandma's president is not on her first try. She and her accomplice Tamara had already, some time ago, managed to close a factory in Kiev, where the animals were cut up to make shoes sold in Italy.

Since then, the factory has been transformed into a shelter, where more than 300 dogs are rescued and cared for.

Let's hope this dark story knows the same end. For this, do not hesitate to mobilize!

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website Update 04-02-2011: the petition is currently no longer relevant, however it is possible to download letters of protest on the site SOS chats in link above.