Dog vaccination in 8 questions

Are vaccines always effective?

Yes, if the dog's immune system allows the manufacture of antibodies. A check could be made by taking a blood test and measuring the antibodies according to the vaccination made. Some dogs can therefore be vaccinated but have not made antibodies.

Do the vaccines make people sick?

Vaccination can cause a febrile, minor reaction within forty-eight hours. Allergies, more serious, may exist. The dog then starts to swell in the hours following the injection. An anti-inflammatory is injected urgently and the vaccination will be redone.

Can the dog eat after the vaccine?

Yes, he can also run, travel... Anyway, if he must exist a reaction, the activity of the dog after the vaccine will not change anything.

Should we worm it before vaccination?

Yes, this is preferable. It is advisable to deworm the puppy a week before the planned date of vaccination.

Does a vaccinated mother vaccinate herself?

She transmits vaccine antibodies in the colostrum which is the first liquid sucked by the young just after birth. It is therefore important to make vaccine reminders as soon as gestation is known.

Is it necessary to vaccinate dogs against tetanus?

This vaccination is possible, but it is not one of the usual vaccines in dogs . It is practiced in high-risk situations, mainly in dogs that live in punctual or permanent contact with horses. In fact, this germ grows in the soil and stud farms are areas that are conducive to its growth.

Can vaccines be done at any time of the year?

Yes, injections can be practiced anytime, but the masters always panic at the time of the holidays because the pension or the camp-site require vaccines up to date. Warning ! For a vaccine to be valid, both injections at one month interval must have been performed. This means that a vaccine must always be given two months before the date it is required.

Is there a recall date?

There is a limit imposed only for anti-rabies vaccination. This date is written at the bottom of the vaccination certificate. If you do not practice the vaccine before this date, you may not be able to cross borders and be refused if you are in a situation where anti-rabies vaccination is required.

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Please note that some prevention and vaccination costs can be reimbursed by dog insurance