Dog user manual: the first method of education in video!

Dog user manual is the

first method of dog training 100% video . Accessible on all digital media and at any time, it has seven hours of content divided into six thematic volumes Canine professionals at your fingertips

Thanks to

Dog user manual , you can learn how to handle all the situations you may be confronted with as a dog's master: three canine-behavioral educators (Sandrine Otsmane, Chloé Fesch and Clémentine Turgot) as well as a veterinarian (Dr. Noémie Tommasini, trainer and director of the Paris School of Veterinary Aid) give you their precious advice to educate your dog , from his first steps home to his first nonsense: - How to prepare for the arrival of the dog?
- How to teach him the rules of life at home and to answer orders?
- How to deal with destruction, uncleanliness or still fugue?
- And much more...
The experts of Dog user manual answer you and accompany you,

on video, wherever you are! This method is for all those

: - who seek to eliminate the bad habits of their dog
- who wish to regain the pleasure of strolling and to play with their pet
- who want to regain control during the outings to two
- who want to educate their puppy

Not everyone has the opportunity or the means to consult an educator-behaviorist at home. That's why AllCreatureAnimalClinic TV innovates and offers to help dog owners through a new unique video method. We respond to new uses by accompanying dog fans in all their travels : walk in the forest , weekend in the countryside, family walk , "says Alex Vic, General Manager of AllCreatureAnimalClinic TV Enjoy a special launch!

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