Dog traffic: shock campaign

" Do not buy animals on the streets or in the subway because you will not be able to only feed traffic ". Here is the message that the SNDA , the National Society for the Defense of the Animals.

For the past week, the awareness campaign to denounce dog and cat traffic has been visible in the streets and subways of Paris: 6 trucks crisscross the city and 150 posters of 4 meters by 3 meters are stuck on the subway platforms and RER.

But what does the police?

" Exposés and sold on the , Attention, do not encourage them! »,« They are abused and sick, that's enough! »... these are the messages written in bulk on the 12 visuals of the

SNDA campaign. The photos that accompany them are also difficult to look at. This is a appeal to the public authorities

, which, according to the SNDA, turns a blind eye to this organized animal trafficking. "It is no longer isolated cases like a few years ago, but organized trafficking whose profits are illegal," says a spokesman for the association.

Abused and in poor health These animals sold on the sly

with fake papers probably come from the eastern countries, but it is very difficult to find out more. Their state of health is often of concern and the mandatory vaccines against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, rabies and parvovirus (CHLRP) are not carried out. The SNDA can not act alone to save these animals, even if 1 year she has recovered a hundred puppies and kittens sold on the streets of Paris. The association appeals to the public authorities to enforce the law that prohibits the sale of animals on public roads

. It is also your responsibility not to fall into the trap of "

self-pity that traffickers seek to put in place. The more you will have pity on the condition of the dog, the more you want to buy it... An event is organized this Saturday, March 27, 2010 from 13h on the Place du Châtelet