Dog traffic: Brigitte Bardot calls on Thai Prime Minister

A few days ago, 1,000 dogs were illegally captured in Thailand, for their meat and for their skin. Horrified by this cruel and sordid traffic , which would cause tens of thousands of casualties every year, Brigitte Bardot has just launched a new call, directly addressed to the Thai government.

fervent animal advocate has written an open letter to Yingluck Shinawatra, Prime Minister of the country

"A foul traffic where dogs are killed for meat"

"Tha Rae is the place a foul traffic where dogs are killed for meat and for their skin in illegal slaughterhouses after they are savagely captured on the roadside or stolen from their owners.An estimated 100,000 dogs are killed on the spot and as many or more who will be illegally exported alive from all over Thailand every year in atrocious, stacked and hungry conditions for more than 36 hours of driving to be brutally killed and consumed in Vietnam "she writes before recalling having already questioned The King has been there for years already, in a letter that has remained unanswered.

"How can trucks with hundreds of dogs moaning in a trailer go unnoticed by border police?" asks Brigitte Bardot

"This network is not difficult to dismantle"

The foundation of the former actress enjoins the Thai government to act as soon as possible , with local associations who fight against this traffic, such as the Soi Dog Foundation , which helps abandoned or lost dogs and tries to offer them a better future.

" This network is not difficult to dismantle: only the gesture and the will of your authority for this is missing.You must also give funds so that the dogs rescued from the trucks intercepted do not die of hunger, diseases and injuries in the warehouses where they are. 70% of them continues the open letter

Last August, 1200 dogs were saved from certain death thanks to the efforts of the authorities allied with those of animal welfare associations. Evidence that it is indeed possible to act against the dog traffic in Thailand

A glimmer of hope has been shining for almost 2 years. Indeed, since the launch of an awareness campaign by Soi Dog in August 2011, many more arrests of smugglers have been conducted than in the previous 15 years.

Unsustainable images

The open letter of Brigitte Bardot is accompanied by a documentary directed by Thai activists, and posted online a few months ago. An almost untenable video, which we have chosen not to publish, but which you can discover by clicking here .