Dog Skin Diseases

Maintaining an impeccable hygiene of your dog will allow you to fight against the possible skin diseases and the prevent effectively. It is indeed difficult to eradicate them when they have settled in.

The dermatoses include all the affections of the deep part of the skin: the dermis. They are manifested in different ways: the hair falls diffuse or only in places, the dog can scratch or lick...

In short, it scrapes or tickles? This is the essential question. Food, mushrooms, parasites... who are responsible for these falls, the dull aspect of the hair, the frenzy of an itch? It is necessary, first of all, to look for a medical cause to a dermatological problem, before giving vitamins or yeasts.

Sebum: to protect

The regulation of the sebum secretion is ensured by several factors. Sex hormones play an important role. Some vitamin deficiencies, especially in dogs, cause disorders of sebum secretion

This last ensures the protection of the skin against the external aggressions : the water, the cold... When the secretion sebum is abnormal, the skin is much more susceptible to infections. The number of bacteria growing on the skin increases and pyoderma appear. During hypersecretion of sebum, we notice the appearance of a characteristic dermatosis: Seborrhea


Seborrhea, which is an excess of sebum on the skin, can be dry or oily . It is accompanied by dandruff due to abnormal desquamation of the skin. The dog does not always scratch, but the appearance of the coat is changed.

In dry seborrhoea , the skin and hair are dry and have a waxy appearance. It remains, after touching the hair, a thin film resembling wax on the fingers. There are many thin, white films on the coat. It looks dirty and wet. In oily seborrhea, the skin and the hairs are oily, they stick to each other. The dogs give off a very strong odor of rancid grease.

A last affection is seborrheic dermatitis . There is a blackish spot, without hair, with scales. This means that you should not wash your dog without stopping because, at first, it destroys the sebum, then its secretion is increased. The dog has a very irritated, oily skin and a very strong odor from the coat.

In case of seborrhea, it is advisable to use various skin and coat care , of which Micellar lotion


The dog may be allergic to synthetic carpet, to a plant against which it has rubbed, to a wall fabric. In this case, the skin is very irritated and red. Food allergies are rare. They cause papules mainly on the belly. Some allergies can be caused by medication. In this case, the skin is filled with large dandruff.

There are tests done by your veterinarian that can tell which substance your dog is allergic to. Allergens (products that cause allergy) are inoculated under the skin. A large papule develops if the dog is allergic to any of the substances injected. A cure of desensitization will then be implemented

Pyoderma folds

This condition is specific to dogs with "crushed face". Skin folds are never in the presence of air and impurities accumulate resulting in infections.

Daily monitoring and regular application of antiseptic are two excellent prevention rules.

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