Passport for dogs

Dogs and cats must, on the occasion of their movements between Member States of the European Union be accompanied by a passport issued by a veterinarian authorized by the competent authority attesting to a vaccination, possibly revaccination, anti-rabies valid. This vaccination must be carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturing laboratory, carried out on the animal in question with an inactivated vaccine of at least one antigenic unit per dose (WHO standard)

The unique passport model for dogs, cats and ferrets provide proof that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies . It allows all domestic animals to be taken to all Member States associated with other conditions

This passport may also contain information concerning other vaccinations, including those not required by law, as well as information on the medical history of the animal
It measures 100 x 152 mm and has a blue cover on which are represented the stars of the European emblem. The languages ​​used are English and the official language of the Member State where the passport was issued. The words "European Union" and the name of the Member State appear on the cover, together with the passport number , consisting of the ISO code of the Member State followed by a unique number corresponding to the electronic chip or tattoo identification of the animal. This includes the name and address of the owner, the animal's rabies status and the identification of the animal.

Data in the passport:

- contact information of owner
- animal description
- animal identification information
- information on rabies vaccination
- information on other vaccinations
- the stamp of the authorized veterinarian who has carried out the vaccination
- the attestation of a satisfactory serological test
- information on the treatment against ticks and echinococcosis
- a declaration certifying that the animal is in good health and able to support transport
- various indications (free page)

The passport must be issued by a veterinarian authorized by the competent authority; in France, it is a veterinarian holding the health mandate

Today, the community passport is numbered using the country code Iso alpha-2 (FR for France) followed by the publisher code, then an 8-digit sequential identifier number. The veterinarian will not display the rabies vaccine sticker, but will specify the name of the manufacturer, the name of the vaccine, the Cerfa certificate number of rabies vaccination.

The passport will only become the carrier of the rabies vaccination that 'after a transition phase during which Cerfa rage certificates will remain in place. The information contained therein will simply be reported and validated on the passport.

When is the passport issued?

- For animals not yet identified: the identifier will issue the passport at the time of identification
- For previously identified animals that are not yet vaccinated or for which the period of validity of the certificate of the vaccine is exceeded: the veterinarian will issue the passport at the time of the first vaccination after having vaccinated and checked the identification of the animal.
- For animals already identified and in possession of an attestation of vaccination still valid: these animals, during the application of the transitional measures, do not have to have a passport. The old valid certificate of vaccination is sufficient.

However, if desired, the old registration documents can be exchanged via the veterinarian and for compensation against a European passport. The certificate of vaccination still valid must not be transcribed in the passport. This vaccination certificate must of course accompany the passport during the trip.

What happens to the vaccination record?

The vaccination cards issued before June 7, 2004 remain valid (even beyond October) and will be gradually replaced by the passport when vaccination reminders are received by the veterinarian

Loss of passport

In the event of loss of the passport, it is possible to request a duplicate from ABIEC-BVIRH, in Belgium, at the price of 5 €. The owner must provide proof of ownership. This can be done in particular by the pedigree of the FCI. On the passport will be registered "duplicate". In France, contact Canine File .

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