City Dog: The Essential Guide for the City Dog

Have a dog in town, difficult? Certainly, our best 4-legged friends are not always welcome, far from it, on the sidewalks as in squares and parks.
Dogs have more and more trouble getting accepted in cities , and a mission, baptized My dog, my city, was even launched to give back to our canine companions the place they deserve in the city.

Dog of the cities: a precious guide

But a precious guide has just been published by Editions du Chêne. Written by Brigitte Bulard-Cordeau, a Parisienne in love with animals, and author of many books on the best friend of man, it should make your life easier, you and your doggies.
Of the essential picks -crusts dog education, passing by the strict regulations in force, the use of public transport, welcoming green spaces (or not), specialty shops, numerous and amazing dog activities that exist, allourism , or the websites (like AllCreatureAnimalClinic), dedicated to our 4-legged friends: nothing is forgotten
is a mine of tips and tricks

to make the life of city dogs, and their happy owners, as sweet and pleasant as possible.

Drawings, photos... and people! What's more, this guide is not only practical that well done
, it is also very well written, with humor and an original style, e It is also very pretty!
The guide is indeed Illustrated by the talented Miss Eve, and decorated with beautiful photos by Valérie Naretto. A real pleasure for the eyes! Even our friends the people are in the game! The animators Bernard Montiel, Stéphane Bern and Julien Courbet, the animal journalist Elodie Ageron, the veterinarian and journalist Laetitia Barlerin, or the singer Eve Angeli and the actress Corinne Touzet: all indulge in their love of animals, and the special relationship they have with their dog

In short, we can only recommend this excellent book, fun, funny and practical