Hygiene of the natural dog

If one wants his dog in good health , care must be taken to provide appropriate body care . Without "stripping" your dog every day, regular maintenance is essential especially as it allows to quickly detect any nascent, skin or other problems.


The cleaning of the eyes is done once a week with a non-lint compress soaked with:

- Blueberry hydrosol (Centaurea cyanus)
- Chamomile hydrosol (Chamaemelum nobilis)
- Physiological serum

The same actions as for Eye makeup removal in humans

Pavilion of the ears ( outer and visible part)

Ears cleans once a week with a non-lint compress soaked with:

- Chamomile hydrosol ( Chamaemelum nobilis)
- True Lavender Hydrolat (Lavandula vera)

Gently scrub the inner skin of the lodge without irrigating the inside of the ear


They cut regularly to the skin aid e forceps specially adapted for this purpose. Be careful, in do not start the irrigated part of the blood of the nail. You would hurt your companion and the flow of blood would be important. The first time, do not hesitate to ask a veterinarian to show you how to do it.

Brushing teeth

Brushing teeth two to three times a week with a toothpaste and a brush (or fingerstall) advised by a veterinarian. The instructions for use appear on the packaging. At the same time, remember to regularly check the condition of your teeth.

Brushing the coat

It is done regularly or every day. It makes it possible to check absence of ticks , small rashes or cutaneous irritations. It is important to seek the advice of a veterinarian or groomer to purchase the appropriate brush and comb for your dog's breed.


Once a Week average
. You may spray a small amount on its coat (taking care

to protect eyes and mucous membranes) any of the following: - Chamomile Hydrolat (Chamaemelum nobilis) - Real Lavender Hydrolate (Lavandula vera) You gently pass your hands over the animal's entire body - except the eyes and mucous membranes - to distribute the chosen product, then brush it with a soft brush

in the direction of the hairs. These three products affect the health of the hair, but also that of the skin since they have

antiseptic and anti-inflammatory The washing or grooming According to the breeds, the tips are very different in terms of wash frequency. So it is essential to seek advice from your veterinarian. In addition, the pH of the skin of our friends is different from ours (closer to neutrality), hence the need during washing, to avoid products intended for too detergent human beings who do not respect this pH and degrade the lipid film required for thermoregulation
. On the market, you will find

natural shampoos

that gently wash the coat of your pet while helping to fight against dermatological problems (eczema, dermatitis...). The maintenance of the basket
It must be regular hence the interest of a basket cloth . It is important to vacuum it once a week and pass it

at least once a month. Remember to choose