Dog found in agony in Quebec City: "One of the worst cases ever seen"

Horrible. At the beginning of July, the Quebec police investigate one of the worst cases of animal cruelty: a dog found in agony covered with worms in the courtyard of a residence.

It is by hearing dog moans that a woman made the terrible discovery: a dog, lying in the yard, covered with worms and in agony. She immediately contacted the Mustache faithful, who helped the abandoned animals in Quebec City.

"It was a dog full of worms, but still alive . The vet said that this dog would have technically been dead. It was practically a carcass that was still moving, "says Lamontagne at

A neglected dog

According to the organization that took care of the poor animal, it would be a case of neglect pushed to its peak and not a beaten dog. Still, the animal was in such a state of suffering that it had to be euthanized in order to offer him a well-deserved rest.

Very shocked, the spokesperson and president of the Quebec City SPA said that months and months of neglect were necessary for the dog to end up in such a state, which means that his suffering was very important and his agony long .

"It's very simple: these people do not deserve any compassion . If we can do that to a dog, it's because we do not have a heart, no notion of good and bad. These people deserve to be in prison for a long time.

An investigation was opened for acts of cruelty to an animal

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