A dog elected mayor of a Minnesota city

From the top of his 7 spring, Duke was a few days ago still a doggie like the others, living peacefully his dog's life in the small village of Cormorant, in the Minnesota in the United States. But Tuesday, he became the mayor of this small town of 12.

All of them paid a dollar to vote and thus elect the dog as their new mayor. A position he deserves amply according to them. Duke keeps the city safe and strengthens the community. He even watches cars to make sure they are not speeding, they say. He then naturally won a landslide victory against his competitor Richard Sherbrook, a shopkeeper in the village.

A makeover and croquettes

Duke will take the official oath on Saturday when annual Cormorant party. But he has already prepared for the big day. Right after his election, the dog was offered a long grooming and a new outfit .

Of course, Duke will receive a salary in exchange for his work. An animal feed store will donate kibble for a whole year.

Duke is not the first pet to get into politics. A few weeks ago, Pa Kettle, a Saint-Hubert Dog, became mayor of the city of Divide, Colorado, winning the election against a cat, a wolf and a hedgehog among others.

But The most famous of the politician animals is a cat . Stubbs has been Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, for almost 20 years! He was elected in 1997.