Dog basket

The dog basket is an essential accessory. It allows him to rest, sleep and recharge his batteries!

And when it comes to dog cart , you have a choice! Rounds, squares, quilts, carpets, etc. All tastes are on the market!

Comfort Dog Cart

After a long walk in your company, your dog will enjoy lying down in a soft and comfortable

padded and equipped with a soft removable cushion, this kind of basket dog will seduce your companion, especially if it is not allowed to climb on the sofa.

Generally machine washable, these dog cart can also be transported very easily from one room to another

Oval or round with higher or lower edges and different sizes, this dog basket comfort fits all dogs, big or small!

Carpet type dog basket

When it's hot or when the dog can not stand to be nested in a rim basket is a good alternative

The dog mat is very practical and discreet. Easy to move, it will keep the dog out of the cold no matter where it is.

Hygienic Dog Cart

For teachers who appreciate being able to wash their dog's basket often, dog baskets plastic are perfect

It is true that the dog baskets are real mite and parasite nests. Choosing a plastic basket allows you to avoid the invasion of dirt.

Good for plastic dog baskets : they are more and more aesthetic!

For more comfort, a blanket or cushion can be placed at the back of the basket

Baskets for older dogs

When dogs get older and their joints make them suffer , we must think of changing dog cart

Orthodontic baskets now exist. These open baskets allow the dog to lie down and get up very easily.

In addition, aged dog baskets are designed to relieve the dog's spine and provide restful sleep.

Remember, the hygiene of the basket is very important. You must regularly vacuum, shake and wash your dog's basket .

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