Dog and cat toys to avoid

At Christmas, many of you will offer a gift to your cat or dog, but as for a child, the gift of a pet is not chosen lightly. Badly constructed dog toys or bad quality can injure or even kill your pet.

Toy manufacturers and dog and cat accessories must strive to respect a few rules to provide an entertaining and completely harmless product for your pet. Quality checks are carried out to define several things:

- The presence of small parts and the risk of choking
- The risks of strangulation
- The level of toxicity of the materials used

toy is it dangerous?

If most toy manufacturers are serious, there are bad counterfeits too. On the other hand, no toy is indestructible, and some animals have an inexhaustible energy.

Also, it is advisable to follow some very simple tips to be safe from the domestic accident:

- Keep in mind that a toy will necessarily chew , so choose toys made from natural materials or fibers, or at least adapted to that.
- Regularly check the condition of your pet's toys; a damaged toy can injure
- Dispose of all broken or damaged toys

Avoid certain toys

Pay attention to toys that can become dangerous when broken: locate sharp or sharp pieces , small pieces that can be released and swallowed. This is the case of some bones or balls with balls inside.

Station with long ropes, ribbons and other disconnected tissues that can cause choking (by swallowing or strangulation) , especially puppies.

Finally, do not hesitate to take a look at the composition of toys before you buy: materials, paints, solvents and other chemicals can cause poisoning! It would be a shame to spend Christmas day with the vet.