A thief of cats roaming Toulon?

But what's happening in the Toulon district of Mourillon ? In a few weeks, a dozen cats have disappeared . Some people take it then to imagine that a kidnapper of tomcats prowling in the neighborhood...

Of course, it is not uncommon for cats to disappear. But half a dozen in a few months, the inhabitants of Mourillon find this really suspicious. Especially since not one has returned, not a single body was even found, reports the site Var Matin .

Cats disappear, one after the other

Filou, a 2 year old white and gray cat, is the last cat to have mysteriously disappeared. His teachers have not heard from him since July 26, despite the many posters they posted in the neighborhood. A little earlier, their neighbor also lost his four-legged companion. And several other tomcats are desperately sought after by their owners in the same neighborhood.

A coincidence? The inhabitants of Mourillon struggle to believe it. This is particularly the case of Mrs. Vey. This animal lover, used to feeding the cats of the block, does not intend to sit idly by. She decided to gather her neighbors to try to do something.

The inhabitants of the district mobilized

" When I noticed that these disappearances were too numerous and that the cats that I fed every day were fewer and fewer, I started going door to door to group and do something , "she says.

Far from being whimsical, the hypothesis a kidnapper of cats is very likely. As the animal protection associations say, white and red cats are particularly attractive to thieves.

But while the inhabitants of the district evoke all kinds of terrible scenarios , ranging from restorer serving the cat's flesh to the sadistic murderer of tomcat, animal welfare organizations today can only advise Mourillon cat owners redouble caution .

Call for caution

They are invited to lock their four-legged friends when they go to work, but also to watch the comings and goings of people from outside the neighborhood. "Often, thieves come to do scouting before taking action, to know when the cat is not under surveillance " explains to Var Matin the association of the Cats of the Navy.

It remains to be seen whether the vigilance of the inhabitants of Mourillon will be enough to arr ter the thieves...