Does having a pet help meet more people? (The question AllCreatureAnimalClinic / RMC)

On Sunday, from 6am to 8am on RMC, Your Pets will be dedicated to social link that the pet can become for some .

Because it seems to be one of the many benefits that our dear and tender 4-legged companions bring to us

The presence of a dog is sometimes a real means of communication to engage the conversation other than talking about the rain and good weather!

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Give your opinion!

Has your experience ever proved to you that an animal could be a creator of a social bond? Or, on the contrary, do you think that the ability to meet and engage in a conversation depends only on oneself and not on the presence or absence of a dog?

Like every Friday, AllCreatureAnimalClinic and RMC invite you to answer the survey. the week, the results of which will be revealed and commented on by Laetitia Barlerin, Fran├žois Sorel and their guests during the show.

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