Do you treat your dog as your child? It's normal!

Studies on dogs, their intelligence and their sensibility, have not stopped flowering lately. One of them, recently published in the scientific journal PloS One , looks at the relationship between canids and their masters, a relationship very close to that which binds young children and their parents.
The Austrian researchers who carried out this study evoke the same security needs on which the relationship between children and their parents is based, according to the theory of attachment.

Dogs , great children?

Dr. Lisa Horn, of the Vetmeduni's Messerli Research Institute in Vienna, observed dog reactions in three situations: without their owner, with their silent owner, and with their owner encouraging them to manipulating toys to earn treats.

Dogs appeared much less motivated in the absence of their masters . The words or the silence of the humans have proved to be without any real influence.

Then when they were put in the presence of strangers, the dogs were not so much more motivated to look for treats than when they were alone.

These tests tend to show that dogs feel much more confident when their masters are by their side.
" One of the things that struck us the most is that adult dogs behave with those who care for them (their caregivers) as do children. Like them, they attach themselves to the humans who interact with them in a continuous and coherent way, and thus become the "safety base" to which they can turn, and from which they will leave to discover the world with less fear and restraint.

New research will be conducted to directly compare the behavior of dogs and children . " It will be really exciting to try to understand how this behavior has evolved in dogs " enthuses Lisa Horn and her team.