Do you talk to your cat or dog? According to science, you are sensitive and intelligent!

No, communicating with your pet does not make you crazy. On the contrary, a behavior specialist from the University of Chicago recently revealed that it made you a brilliant mind.

Do you talk to your hairball? Well... you're right: dialogue with him would prove that you are a human being who has a strong sociability, a great open-mindedness and a sensitive intelligence a explains Nicholas Epley, professor of behavioral science, at Quartz . Why ? Quite simply because in discussing with them, we are anthropomorphic by attributing them human characteristics.

"Historically, anthropomorphism has been considered as a sign of puerility or stupidity, but it is in fact makes a natural effect of the unique intelligence of human beings on the planet, "he explains.

Animals, these language-sensitive beings

From an early age, children exchange with their children toys and the animals around them. Discussions that participate in their intellectual development . If it's good for them, know that it does not hurt us. It's even normal... and it benefits everyone! Cats and dogs listen to us and also try to communicate with us through meowing / barking. But more than the voice, it is to our intonations that they are sensitive. Thanks to them, they understand us in part.

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