Do not touch my yoghurt, or the cat who is really not a sharer (Video of the day)

If some animals show an incredible solidarity, like this Brazilian wandering bitch browsing every day 12 kilometers to feed her companions misfortune, others very seriously lack a sense of sharing ! This is the case of this cat, responding to the small name of Dice!

His human wanted to offer him a little pleasure by giving him the bottom of a jar of yoghurt, his, but not only, to his roommate Bob too, the second cat of the house. But the feast does not really happen as the owner of the two felines would have liked.

While Bob tries to savor his share, Dice keeps on doing slip the yoghurt pot with his paw to keep it all to himself. All sheepish, poor Bob dares to return to the load to take his due...
And at home, how are you? Are your animals sharing or not at all?

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