DIY: What if you offer your dog a tie-necklace?

Your old tie has been hanging around in the closet for years and you're not counting anymore to serve? In this case, why not recycle it into a nice handmade necklace for your dog?

If you like to be well prepared for your chic evenings, it may be also the case of your doggie! So, what better than to dress like you? A tie and the turn is made to make him the most elegant necklaces !

We all know, your dog is already the most beautiful! But thanks to this " DIY " (" Do It Yourself ", self-made object) you will be able to prove it even more and it is the blogger Frimousse Dog who reveals his trick to sublimate a four-legged

What you need to make this necklace:

- A tie

- A dog special tie

- A buckle silvery

- Sewing thread

- One button

- Sewing rhinestones

- Two needles: one very fine for sewing rhinestones and one for seams

- One pair of scissors

- 50cm of ribbon

- A ring in the shape of D (about 2,5cm)

The realization:

Step 1 : Cut the tie into two separate pieces

Step 2: Then sew the seam on the inner part of the tie by hand

Step 3: Then take the narrow piece of tie to slip the tie passing silver at about mid-length then put the colli fastener at the end of the point of the tie

Step 4 and 5: Take the piece of the widest tie and then pass it through the silver loop but do not forget to drag it to the above the narrow part that is already in the loop. Also pay attention to the direction of the ends of the tie, so that the result is pretty

Step 6: Then put the D-ring at the end of the narrowest piece of the tie, followed by the collar clip. Afterwards, take the measurements of your doggie, cut off the superfluous fabric and pin it to the measure. Remember that the widest point of the tie should be in front and the location of the button should be centered.

Step 7: It's now the seams! If you have the possibility, prefer seams made by the machine. Those made by hand will not have the same resistance and your necklace will only be decorative, the dog can not be kept on a leash.

Step 8: Finally, you just need to sew ribbon and rhinestones so that the tie is personalized and more elegant. Do not forget to fix the point of the tie with the button!

And voila, it's done. You now have a beautiful necklace for your adorable hair ball and you can go boogie in charming company at your next party!

You made an original necklace for your pet? If this is the case do not hesitate to share it with us on our page Facebook !

Thanks to Frimousse Dog,
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