DIY: How to make delicious Christmas cookies for my dog ​​

During the holiday season, we love to be pleasure. And our animals, too, have the right to put their belly! The proof with these delicious Christmas biscuits for dogs signed Aston's Cookies

The recipe for small gingerbread flavor

100 gr. wheat flour (T65)
100 gr. oatmeal
80 gr. of vegetable margarine
1 whole egg (60 gr.)
30 gr. liquid honey
10 gr. spice mixture (cinnamon, anise, ginger, coriander, cardamom, clove)

In a salad bowl, work the margarine, the egg and the honey with ointment
Add the wheat flour, oatmeal and the spice mixture
Mix well until you have a smooth ball of dough

Let stand for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator
Using a roller for pastry, lower the dough to 5 mm thick

Bake biscuits (or the shape you want) with a cookie cutter.

Bake about fifteen minutes at 170/180 °
Your biscuits are cooked when they are hard to the touch

Let cool and your hairy have only to feast.

If they are dry and you in an airtight container, these small gingerbread cakes can be kept for several weeks.

About Aston's Cookies

Aston's Cookies are classy cookies for artisanal dogs. aturels and made in France . Initially designed for Aston, a beautiful dog breed Cane Corso to whom his mistress wanted to please, they eventually developed to become a brand and export anywhere in France but also abroad.

Now, then As hundreds of dogs have become addicted to Aston's Cookies cookies, the company needs funds to continue its development. She has therefore launched a crowdfunding campaign to which you can participate to help expand these delicious cookies. Your dog will thank you!

To learn more about Aston's Cookies, check out this video:

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