DIY: how to make the perfect stand-alone cat brush

Hard to catch Matou 1 er of the name to brush it and when you finally succeed, it rebels? With a little elbow grease, make it the perfect scraper that everyone will envy you!

Ok, cats are the kings of hygiene since every day they do a careful grooming - almost military - their coat using their little rapper tongue. Nevertheless, it is also at that moment that they ingest their hair. Too much in their body, they can also be dangerous for them and cause them stomach and intestinal problems. Also, this is the reason why professionals recommend at least one brushing a week in the direction of hair growth using a horsehair brush. But sometimes, this act can prove to be more difficult than expected...

However, do not panic. Thanks to "DIY" ( "Do It Yourself" , self-made object) published on YouTube of Purina Friskies Design in no time the perfect brush-scraper for your cat to take care of him in total autonomy

How to make a brush-scraper for cat?

What you need:

- A drill

- A glue tube

- A loaded staple gun

- A wooden board (30 cm x 30 cm)

- A wooden cube

- A square of fabric (35 cm x 35 cm)

- 2 brushes with WC

(Time of realization: at least 20 minutes)

The realization:

Step 1: Remove the "hairy" part of brushes

Step 2: Using the drill, make a hole in the middle of the wooden cube

Step 3: Put glue on one end of the two brushes then go through the hole of the cube. Do the same with the second

Step 4: Now lay out your square of fabric and place it on it - well in the center - your wooden board. Then fold the edges of the fabric over the wood and staple them to your base.

Step 5: Once your board is beautifully decorated, take your drill and make two holes

Step 6: Now all you have to do is place both brushes on your base. So fold them into an arch and insert the ends into the holes drilled on your board.

And that's it, it was not more complicated than CA! Do not hesitate to show us the result of your creation by posting your photos in comment on our page Facebook !

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