DIY: how to make a perfect play circuit to your cat?

In order to be active and to stimulate oneself, the cat - adult or not - needs to play. And with a little elbow grease, you'll be able to make the perfect toy to meet your needs...

Ok, cats spend most of their day sleeping. Nevertheless, the latter having cultivated their hunting instinct, they also need to play to let off steam, whether or not they have the opportunity to frolic outdoors. In addition, it is through play that felines learn to live in society so... to take the opportunity to create as many situations as possible for the latter!

Moreover, thanks to the superb "DIY" ( "Do It Yourself" , a self-made object) published on YouTube Jonasek The Cat , in no time at all THE perfect tour for to have fun while making one's brain work.

How to make a cat play circuit

What you need:

- Two large sheets of card stock

- A roll of paper transparent film

- A ruler

- Felt pens

- Scissors

- A cutter

- Liquid glue

- Alligator clips

- Large scotch

- A ping pong ball


Step 1: To make the circuit, you will have to make a box. To do this, take one of the cardboard sheets and put it horizontally. Using a ruler, make 3 strips of the same width. They must be distributed as follows: one at each end of the paper that will be used to close your circuit and the third one, well in the center, which will serve as a dimension to your creation.

Step 2: Take your second cardboard and cut strips into it to make raised folds that you will stick on your first sheet. Cut cylinders into your tube of transparent film and stick them on your work as well

Step 3: Using the cutter, now create openings on the edges of your circuit as well as on the part on which you have not stuck anything so that your cat can pass the paw. However, be careful not to cut where the folds and the top of the box will touch once the work closed!

Step 4: With the help of the big tape, then consolidate all openings you have just done

Step 5: Close your work with liquid glue and do not hesitate to use crocodile clips to hold your can while it dries.

Step 6: Once the circuit is dry, decorate it. You just have to introduce the ping-pong ball and watch your cat playing endlessly with his new toy.

And that's it, it was not more complicated than CA! Feel free to show us the result by posting us your photos in comment on our page Facebook !

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