DIY: How to make a necklace with initials for a cat or small dog?

It's summertime and you are divided between the desire to create with your hands and to please your moustached little companion by offering him an accessory for his fitting wardrobe with the beautiful season coming? No problem!

With this "DIY" ( "Do It Yourself" , self-made object), I give you the explanations that will allow you to make a necklace simple to make (with recovery material or bought new kit) with flashy colors, lemon - lime

How to make this necklace?

What you need:

- A 34 cm strap (in 10 mm wide)

- A plastic safety clasp kit yellow (for straps 10 mm wide), important: for cat, the latter must come off in case of hanging

- Stainless steel half-ring

- A rectangular ring

- A yellow bell

- Yellow thread

- 2 good pincers

- An adhesive to glue the strap

- A needle

You can adjust the size of the necklace according to the neck of your cat by cutting the piece of strap more or less, 34 cm is an average size being adapted to a cat

The realization ation:

Step 1: Cut the strap to the correct size (1) and pass it through the inside of the clasp of the piece (2), slide the half-ring to the left of the clasp (3), leave behind a piece of strap about 3 cm long and stick at the back between the clasp and the half-ring and at the end of the strap after the half-ring. The spaces for the axis of the clasp and the half-ring must be left free and not receive glue. Allow to dry if necessary

Step 2: During this time with two good tongs open the rectangular ring (4) to get the bell (5). Close the ring

Step 3: Take back the strap and put it in the double clip of the piece number (6) of the kit (be careful to position the clip in relation to the strap, the strap must go to the lowest side of the axis - see picture)

Step 4: Then pass the rectangular ring (4) with the bell (5)

Step 5: Finally, pass the strap in the fastener of the second part of the clasp (6)

Step 6: Iron the strap in the double fastener below the first pass, leave a 1 cm the back then stick this end of the strap to fix it

Step 7: after a drying time that depends on your glue you can customize the necklace either by embroidering patterns or sewing embellishments (plates, buttons) I chose his initial!

You can easily make changes to your creation using supplies you already have at home such as ux, straps and bells recovery or a clasp specifically adapted to the species of your pet!

It remains to pass the necklace around the neck of your twink / your little dog proudly saying: "I did it!"

By the blogger of BOUT DE JEJOUX