DIY: How to make a homemade fishing rod to your cat?

Play, it is good for the well-being and the health of your tomcat . So follow the steps to make him this toy, as simple to realize as economic and that is promise of long moments of play with him!

You know your cat better than anybody and if the moments of play are your favorite to all two, then more than a minute to waste: make a fishing rod to share this simple pleasure with your pet ! It is easy and quick to make by following step by step .

By Atelier Fête Unique, Paris

How to make a fishing rod to your cat?

What you need:

  • A pin (or a stick)
  • A feather
  • A pompom
  • A rattle
  • A string
  • A glue
  • A drill (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Needle with wool


Step 1: Drill a hole on the top of the trunnion. Tip: If you do not have a drill, you can skip this step and stick the strings at the end of your stick to the next step.

By Unique Party Workshop, Paris

Step 2: Cut three lengths of string unequal, then pass them through the hole drilled in the previous step. Stop the strings by knotting them together on one end.

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Step 3: Braid the three strings together and stop the braiding with a piece about 15 cm from the shortest string.

By Atelier Fête Unique, Paris

Step 4: As the strings are of unequal length, garnish each one differently. 1 On the shortest length, stick the tip of the feather along the string 5 cm from the end. Let the glue dry and tie the rest around the feather. 2 On the average length, thread the needle and pass bells that you knot at different heights. Pass a pompom and then, to stop, tie the end of the string just after. 3 On the longest string, thread the needle and pompoms and set feathers following the example of the shortest string.

By Atelier Fête Unique, Paris

Tip: You are The best place to find out what your pet prefers, so feel free to create the fishing rod that looks like it with different accessories: feathers, pompoms, bells, caps, beads, ribbons, etc. It's your turn ! And wait for long indoor parties or outdoors .

By Unique Party Workshop, Paris

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