DIY: 6 do-it-yourself dog accessories

A niche, a cozy bed a necklace, toys, a coat for the dog winter...: all these things that our animals need are not necessarily ruinous. With a little imagination, some handyman's skills and a lot of love, you can create them yourself!

Discover in pictures 6 self-made dog accessories . Not only will your four-legged companion have the right to a tailor-made item, but you will reap the satisfaction of having made it with your own little hands!

Whether you're a knowledgeable or beginner, you'll find your happiness all these objects. To discover all the stages of creation, click on the pictures!

The macramé necklace

A few strands of cords and cords, scissors, a woolen pass and you're done! In just a short time, you will be able to make a pretty colored necklace for your dog.


A pinecone toy

As cheap as it is easy to make, this toy will stimulate your dog. remove the hidden treats inside the pine cone


A soft bed

A mattress, a sheepskin, a belt... and you get a cozy bed for your dog or your cat.


The bag-basket

Nice, comfortable, practical, you have certainly already admired on the web or elsewhere the luggage baskets for dogs, so easy to realize, whether you know how to sew or not!

Revised tennis ball

Tennis balls, scissors, fabric, knots: and you get a toy with which your four-legged companion will play for hours!

An elegant coat

Arm yourself with fabric, four buttons, scissors, a needle and thread, and the Do you want to make a nice coat for your little dog!


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