Distribution of 100 kitten boxes for a good start with your companion

Because we must make the right choices to start our kitten, ROYAL CANIN® has developed the kitten kit to accompany you and your kitten in your beginnings.

During its growth the kitten is detached from his mother and needs to create his own its own immune system, that's why it needs quality food adapted to its physical and physiological needs. It is to help this development that the kitten kitten has been created: it contains a diet rich in antioxidants that will strengthen the immune system of your kitten and improve its digestion.

to make you discover this box and help your kitten to develop, ROYAL CANIN® distributes 100 kitten kitten.

What does the kitten kit?

Perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the kittens, this box is composed of 400g kibble and a wet bag , which will help you get started with your kitten. Thanks to the two essential food that compose it, they will allow your kitten to go from the maternal diet to a solid diet without rushing your new companion.

In order to contribute to the good development of your animal, a bowl in stainless steel is part of the box and a explanatory guide which will allow you to enrich your knowledge about hygiene, education but also the nutrition of your kitten.

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