Disfigured with acid, this miraculous cat escaped

Victim of human cruelty last summer while wandering the streets of Burbank (California), this cat was doomed to die. But with the help of good Samaritans and associations in the big heart, a miracle happened. He is now out of the woods.

Human stupidity and wickedness have - once again - been pushed to their climax. Last June, a woman used to feeding stray cats in her neighborhood discovered - mewing in pain - a seriously wounded feline whose face was half burned with acid. More eager than anything to save him, she took him one or two to a veterinarian. But the verdict fell: euthanasia was, according to the professional, the best option. In addition to its poor physical condition, the cat was diagnosed as IVF (with cat aids). A solution that did not suit this feline lover and brought her closer to Milo's Sanctuary and the Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital.

© Milo's Sanctuary - This is Tommy, the cat surviving an acid attack.

Operation resurrection

And she seems to have done well! The tomcat, christened Sir Thomas Trueheart aka Tommy, fought like a lion. After the reconstructive surgery, the grafts, the antibiotics, the many bandages... his sad past is going to be far behind him.

© Milo's Sanctuary - Tommy after his surgery

Yes, he misses an oelig; Yes, he is sick. But he has a lot of love to give. Tommy is "very brave, he purrs a lot and is affectionate with the people who took care of him", delivered Michelle Hoffman, the shelter manager who collected it.

© Milo's Sanctuary - This is Tommy, the surviving cat of human cruelty.

If the cat is going a little better every day than the day before, the association now counts on the support of the Net surfers who have been touched by its history and its crazy charm. In spite of everything, the feline has not stopped seeing the best in Humanity . But to secure a bright future with all the care he needs, a financial is needed.

Milo's Sanctuary, Inc.

© Milo's Sanctuary - This is Tommy, the surviving cat 'an acid attack, is saved today.

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