Disfigured little girl: a petition to save the Bull terrier

Prince Bull Bullock must it be euthanized ? On the sidelines of an evening with friends, this dog had attacked a 4-year-old girl leaving her disfigured...

Promised to certain death , the animal is nevertheless the object of a petition . At this time, 8,136 people believe that the Bull terrier should not be sacrificed.

An animal sentenced

Few months before being adopted, Prince was entrusted to SPA Boulonnaise when he was found out to his master, died 15 days earlier .

To survive, the dog was forced to attack the body of the deceased : " Dog scavenging by necessity ", had classified the police at the time.

Two weeks ago, while the animal throne on the couch of his new family, he is taken part by adults at a party. The animal shows signs of annoyance and grunts, reports The Voice of the North .

Moments later, while the little girl tries to to approach the Bull terrier, the latter defends itself and the face attack
The Boulonnaise SPA was immediately pointed out by the parents of the child believing that the the 's stormy past had been hidden from them.

The veterinarian at the Boulogne refuge defended the Bull terrier

Today, Christophe Blanckaert , the veterinarian who had examined the Bull terrier found near of the corpse of his former master, estimates that Prince's euthanasia would be a mistake . It was he who in 2010 had concluded that the dog was not dangerous.

The veterinarian now unites his voice to those who want to prevent euthanasia of the animal.

" I have thought long and hard. Then I decided to sign this petition. Because suppressing Prince will not solve the problem of dangerous dogs. The zero risk does not exist , we must strengthen the legal arsenal to get a follow up of dogs that are problematic. This dog does not have to pay for the stupidity of the men ... , explains the man with the Voice of the North.

A petition followed

On the Internet, a petition aiming to protect Prince from euthanasia was born.

" The fact that he devours his former owner who has been dead for a couple of weeks does not show an aggressiveness on the part of the dog . His instinct for survival has taken over and the two accidents are totally different , argue the authors of the petition to journalists 20minutes .

Without being the blind defenders of the Bull terrier and the detractors of the parents, the latter estimate that a sequence of circumstances led to this accident .

In a text addressed to the Mayor of Boulogne-sur-Mer, the authors of the petition explain that they want to offer Prince happy end of life within a adapted family .

For the time being, the Boulogne-sur-Mer prosecutor's office allegedly opened a judicial inquiry against X for involuntary injuries.

Note: the refuge of the Boulogne-sur-Mer SPA concerned by this case does not belong to the network of the 56 refuges of the SPA , an association created in 1845 and headquartered at 39 Boulevard Berthier Paris.