In discovering her kitten who looks like her deceased friend, this girl burst into tears

Shortly before her 9 e birthday, a girl lost her beloved black cat. Then one day, a young feline resembling him, one by one, came into his life...

Since the disappearance of Simon the cat, Marley was incomplete. She was struggling to mourn... However, by her side, lived two tomcats, two dogs and a guinea pig. But it was not the same thing. She was holding on to her old black-haired friend! One day, her mother gave her the most beautiful of surprises: she collected Ella, a kitten in the fur of jet saved from death by friends .

Returning home and discovering the little animal, the young animal lover then had the most touching reactions as you will see in this video:

The months have passed. The two accomplices have grown well. Thanks to Ella, Marley has managed to overcome her sadness. It must be said that the resemblance of the cat with the deceased feline has helped the girl. Today, they are inseparable.

Nikki Frost for Love Meow

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