Discover Yarrah, organic food for dogs and cats

You want the best diet for your cat or dog? Yarrah offers a certified organic natural diet with a mild transition kit to switch from traditional to organic food

Dull hair, itchy skin or sensitive intestines are the symptoms of food intolerance in dogs or cats. Organic foods and no artificial additives are generally well accepted by animals. The Yarrah brand recently introduced the box Go to the Bio , a kind of soft transition kit to switch from traditional food to organic with a guide of useful tips.

The box Go to Bio allows you to receive 7 days of croquettes, premium pâtés and clear instructions. Yarrah's experts are also at your disposal to help you choose the best food for your pet. Thanks to the new transition kit, teachers can let their animals gradually get used to the taste of organic food.

Organic makes the difference for all animals

Yarrah offers a natural diet of certified organic quality for cats and dogs. Each Yarrah product is guaranteed free of artificial flavors, colorings, flavor enhancers, refined sugar and GMO-free. Animal meat from Yarrah products comes from animals that have never been treated with antibiotics . The food is 100% organic and rich in high quality protein and vitamins. Positive changes are visible quickly. Animals are more dynamic, they have less itching, are less prone to allergic reactions and they also have a brighter coat.

Yarrah is better for animals. Bio also means that the meat used in Yarrah products comes from animals that eat only organic food. Yarrah buys 80% of its organic raw materials in Europe. This in a spirit of sustainable development for the entire chain. The first beneficiaries of these measures are animals and the environment

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