Discover PuiPui, the most elegant rabbit in the world!

In Tokyo (Japan), a mini-star was born. And it's about PuiPui, the most elegant rabbit in the world...

From the Sherlock Holmes outfit to the sailor outfit, this bunny really has a lot of style to such an extent that it's all the rage in his country: this little rodent has indeed his own photographer, his stylist and a mistress who is none other than his first fan. It is even she who makes her costumes!

But this adorable ball of hair does not stop at the celebrity he knows in the land of the rising sun. He became the web rabbit star and federates today more than 24 700 subscribers on his account Instagram ! And... it must be said that we understand these users: PuiPui looks so natural and comfortable in front of the cameras, it's enough to make us crack!

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