Discover Kanga Roo, the adorable cat who stands as a human

Saved by the Saving Grace Rescue Inc of San Francisco, this little kitten was unlikely to be adopted one day and yet... she is now more than a year old and makes the happiness of her masters despite her illness.

No, Kanga Roo is not a mutant cat. So called for obvious reasons ( "kangaroo" in English means "kangaroo" in French, ed. ), the young pussy is barely older year old suffers from a rare genetic disease: radial hypoplasia. This prevents it from properly distributing its weight on its front legs... which forces it to stand on its hind legs.

Normally, its particularity would have been a brake on its survival as well 'to its adoption. But because she is cute is combative, she knew how to make of her difference, a force .

Today, it makes the happiness of its masters who made a rising star of Facebook

. Unfortunately, animal lovers know it only too well: different animals like Kanga Roo almost never have a happy ending. However, like the others, they have as much love to give... To read on the same theme: