Discover the dog that inspired the film Coco, the next Disney-Pixar!

Disney presents the newest Pixar studio: Coco ! This animated film features a dog named Dante, who is largely inspired by a "real" dog.

In a video published Saturday, on the occasion of World Dog Day, Disney-Pixar invites us to meet a Mexican nude dog (also called Xolo). And not just any one since it's this dog that allowed the directors of Coco to better appropriate the character of Dante, the canine companion of Miguel, the hero of wire:

Happy National Dog Day from Coco!

We can see this brave dog walking the corridors of Pixar studios, assisting animators and editors, recording his voice at the microphone, or even lunch with colleagues. No doubt that for the needs of Coco , this dog did a good job!

Coco will be released at the cinema on October 20 in the French cinemas. Check out his trailer:

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