Discover the amazing Eclipse, the dog who takes the bus alone (Video of the day)

In Seattle in the United States, this black lab is known as the white wolf . And in fact, regularly it is only he borrows... the bus, to get to his favorite park. Incredible, no?

No, Eclipse is absolutely not a hairy wanderer. However, taking the bus alone seems far from a problem and that, the residents of the Belltown area in Seattle have understood. And for good reason, the bitch, a bullmastiff black labrador, is as smart as it is impatient.

Every day, she eagerly waits for the bus that will take her to her favorite park with Jeff Young , his master. But when he has not finished his cigarette when the transport arrives, it is without him that it goes up in to wait for him there. And once inside, we quickly notice that the dog has its habits.

She is the darling of the users of the bus line! Everyone knows her and gets used to her presence. And in fact: "All bus drivers know it. She sits as anyone does. She makes everyone happy. How do you dislike it? " confirmed Tiona Rainwater, a passenger familiar with Eclipse, at The Telegraph .

A situation that, despite everything, leaves a little puzzled do not know this dog surprisingly responsible because often, people contact Jeff thinking tell him that they found his dog...