Missing for seven years, a cat has found his family on Christmas Eve

Last Friday, Miko found her way back to her sweet house in Berlin, thanks to the electronic chip he carried. A fabulous Christmas tale...

It was the unexpected gift of this Berlin family for the end of the year celebrations. On the streets of the German capital since seven long years , a cat called Miko has been found by private individuals who have put him on the local antenna of an association for the protection of animals.

It is in the district of Kreuzberg, several kilometers from his house, that the runaway was spotted. The association in which he was subsequently brought was able to identify his masters thanks to the electronic chip he was wearing and to contact them on Christmas Eve . They did not wait to get it back the next day!

A "happy end"

And for good reason, its owners had long sought at the time. And in this festive period, we can say that they lived a real fairy tale with a "happy end" very particular: although "a little too thin" , their cat is back and "in good health" , according to the examination conducted by the shelter veterinarian.