Missing at Montreal Airport, Chester Cat reappears

A little over a month ago, Amanda Stewart, a woman from British Columbia in Canada, adopted a beautiful kitten in a Montreal breeding. He is in the habit of having his kitties transported by plane with Air Canada. And if until then, all cats had arrived safely, this was unfortunately not the case for this little Scottish Fold christened Chester reports the Journal du Qu├ębec

"He broke his cage and s' is snuck out "

The 7 month old kitten has disappeared. Shortly before boarding, he was visibly scared and fled . Impossible to find him... "It seems that Chester panicked because of the noise during his transport to the plane, he broke his cage and snuck out," says Isabelle Arthur, a spokeswoman from Air Canada.

Extremely worried, Amanda Stewart made a call on social media. The young woman even created a Facebook page to mobilize as many people as possible.

Back to the breeder

But fortunately, Chester did not go on an adventure on Canada's roads The little runaway was found at the airport . "It was a falconer who saw Chester under a fence at the airport doing his rounds, he set up a cage with food to catch him and the next day he was there," says Amanda who learned the good news. discovering a picture of the cat on Twitter.

At the same time, an Air Canada employee contacted her to give him news of Chester. "She often goes to Montreal for work and she was looking for Chester in her spare time, and when she knew he had been found, she went to get him to the vet to make sure he was going well, "says Amanda.

The airline employee will bring the cat herself to her owner on her next flight to British Columbia. But in the meantime, Chester has returned to his breeder who will take care of him until the day of departure. This time, the cat will be well guarded!