Diet for obese dog

The treatment of obesity remains a challenge for the veterinarian. The ideal goal is prevention rather than treatment

How to avoid obesity in dogs

To avoid a diet that is too drastic, should be prevented obesity by simple and effective methods:
- Do not allow the dog to grow during its growth period: this is very important
- Give 1 or 2 meals per day to fixed time
- Remove the dog's bowl after 5 minutes if he has not finished his meal
- Do not exceed the energy requirements corresponding to the optimal weight of the dog.
- Give dog activity, 1 to 3 hours of walking per day
- Weigh the dog very regularly and establish a weight curve
- Remove all food intake out of meals

What diet for a dog too big?

The treatment itself goes through the diet ; There are two types of alert:
- Pathological obesity , the rarest, requires, in addition to the diet, a treatment adapted to the disease.
- Ordinary obesity overeating which must be avoided medical therapy especially anorectic or thyroid hormones.

diet remains the only effective treatment: to set it up, it usually takes help your vet determine the ideal weight of your dog in his breed (Ex: male adult labrador, about 35 kg):
- calculate the dog's needs for that ideal weight (for our example 1,700 kcal)
- Bring 60% of this value per day to the dog (ie 1,000 kcal)
- Knowing that dry foods provide on average 3,200 kcal per kg, the ration dog can be deducted (300 to 350 g of kibble per day)
- The dog must be weighed every week: its weight s optimal will only be reached in two or three months.
- When the optimal weight is reached, the ration will be rebalanced with an energy value of 10% above the diet value (350 to 400 g of kibble per day in our case)
- This type of strict diet but effective is sometimes difficult to bear by the master, because the dog becomes thief, nervous, irritable.

It exists on the market the food of diet kibbles which, because of their high fiber content, gives the dog a state of normal satiety and makes it easier to bear the diet.

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