Diesel rests in peace as shown by the first images of his burial

Killed during the assault given in Saint-Denis last November, the police dog now rests in peace. If the place of his burial is kept secret, everything has been done to make him the most beautiful tribute...

Be without fear: Diesel, 7 year old Malinois shepherd killed during the assault on Saint-Denis, is in peace. His relatives did, as an unprecedented report from La Quotidienne , broadcast on France 5 earlier this month.

occasion, the journalist Laetitia Barlerin went to the burial of the heroic dog, never revealed to the general public. The location of the latter is also kept secret, which seems to confirm that Diesel was not buried in the cemetery of Asnières as we foresaw.

In memory of the assault dog, they are two plates which were laid on his remains. One mentioning "In remembrance of the members of the GSPR" ("Security Groups of the Presidency of the Republic", note ) and the other, acting as tombstone.

Moreover, if tributes to Diesel have rocked in recent months including his appointment to the Dickin Medal or the puppy named after him in his honor, know that they continue. In fact, so that no one forgets, a sexagenarian recently decided to launch a collection online - spotted by our colleagues Holidogtimes - for the sole purpose of offering a statue tribute to the dog whose death shook France

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