Diego, the dog that protects Kenya rhinos against poachers

In Kenya, white rhinos are in great danger. Only one male is still alive today, and in an attempt to protect them from poachers, a new recruit has been hired. His name ? Diego. His particuliarity ? This is a dog.

"Diego is really the best friend of the rhinoceros"

Diego's mission is to deter poachers. The animal can run at a speed of up to 60 km / h and thus keep these men away from the rhinoceros whose population they decimate for their horns. He is a true hero and this is what he intends to show the organization Fauna & Flora International , which started the OL Pejeta Conservancy program

Thanks to Diego and his human friends, none of the rhinos they watch over has been lost in the last 12 years month.

"When he has his eye on his target, nothing can stop him... Able to reach a speed of 65km / h, Diego is really the best friend of the rhinoceros" says the association

To those who express their fears about the risk of seeing the animal killed by a poacher, the organization explains that dogs participating in this type of program are trained " to jump to the arm the speed and trajectory of their race make it incredibly difficult for anyone try to shoot them. We love Diego and his team and do everything we can to ensure their safety "says Fauna & Flora International, calling on nature and animal lovers to help Diego and his humans to preserve Africa's wild life

Diego's incredible work is not unique. Dogs are often used to fight poaching ever more organized. In South Africa, for example, Killer, a six-year-old Belgian Shepherd, watches over the animals in Kruger National Park.