Detox treatment for dogs: drainage

Drainage is one of the pillars of prevention. Indeed, by helping the dog's body to get rid of accumulated toxins over time, we optimize the functioning of the organs, offering them somehow a makeover. It is good to specify that these toxins are not only the result of a bad diet or hygiene of life in general. The organization must also dispose of the waste generated by its own operation.

The winter-spring transition is usually preferred for this treatment in order to rid the body of the waste that accumulates more abundantly in winter due to more soiled and more sedentary nutrition

In the dog, a drainage treatment of ten days each year seems to be a good average. It is long enough to be effective and short enough not to create fatigue in the master who must administer it daily to his animal.

We will also think about a drainage course of about 5 days, after allopathic treatment, to help the body eliminate unwanted exogenous substances

Whether it's the annual cure or the one-time drainage following an illness, here are three simple products to use:

& bull; Concentrated macerate of young shoots of rosemary: 1 drop per 5 kg of animal weight, 1-2 times daily
& bull; Phyto Drainage : Phyto Mate Laboratory (dosage on package)
& bull; PVB Hepatic Drainage ® : Homeopathy (dosage on the package)

Finally, it should be noted that in terms of drainage, it is always advisable to opt for the lowest doses in order not to create

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